Wire & Fencing

Hardware Warehouse stocks a selection of wire fencing that’s strong and affordable. This is an excellent solution for marking the barrier of your property without breaking the bank. Unlike a solid wall, fencing won’t get in the way of your view. What’s more, it’s quicker and easier to install.

A Sturdy Defence

A strong garden fence is essential if you’re trying to encourage plants to grow. By stopping people from walking into your yard, you’ll keep the soil from becoming compacted, which is healthy for the roots of trees and shrubs. You could also introduce creepers, as they love to climb up a vertical support.

Fencing is also an effective answer to improving the security of your home. Additionally, we stock enclosure solutions such as:

  • Razor Wire – This kind of fencing can be installed in many ways, such as coils or straight lines, and is usually at the top of a barrier. It’s designed to keep people from climbing over by ripping their clothes and skin with sharp barbs, making it an extremely powerful deterrent.
  • Steel Fencing – For areas that require a greater amount of protection, these solid metal palisades can provide peace of mind. Available with sharp spikes on the top, they can also be painted to match your home or office wall colour.

Protect your Privacy

At Hardware Warehouse, we have many types of wire fencing appropriate for a variety of different settings. If you aren’t sure what your best choice is, that’s no problem. Our team of expert staff will guide you through a comparison of our products, enabling you to select the right fit for your home and budget.

Visit one of our stores today to find an enclosure for your property.

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