Hardware Warehouse has devoted an entire section of its stores to this essential building material. We’ve also taken great care in giving you many different types and designs of windows and window frames to suit your taste, budget and building needs.

Affordable Products

We know that it can be tricky to choose the right windows for your home, especially when faced with an entire collection of options. Fortunately, our friendly in-store sales team can help you find the window that suits your requirements, making certain that each room has the ideal glass and pane.

You can also come to us for window frames. Our current stock includes:

  • Aluminium – This is the lighter, sturdier choice that requires minimum maintenance.
  • Hardwood windows – These are environmentally friendly, but they do require regular maintenance when subjected to extended weather exposure.
  • Steel windows – The traditional choice, especially in the dryer regions.

Visit one of our stores  today to view our wide range of windows.

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