Paints & Coatings

Your home deserves to look as attractive as the people who live inside it. That’s why Hardware Warehouse brings you coatings to prep your surfaces and affordable paint to cover them in beautiful colours. We also supply you with acrylic fillers, undercoats and top coats to add the last lovely touches to your dream dwelling.

Paint Preparation and Creative Coatings

Instead of simply covering peeling exteriors, our basic preparation products can expertly clean your ceiling, roof and walls. We have scrapers, wire brushes or sandpaper to clear away cracks, chips and damaged sections, as well as poly filler to close gaps and old nail holes.

We also provide you with masking and waterproof tape to protect your skirting board and electrical sockets from the primer and top coat. Both of these paint layers are needed to increase the lifespan of your finished product and give exterior walls and roofs an additional defence against the weather.

Some of our most popular brands include:

  • Dulux
  • Medal
  • Melody
  • Safari
  • Supa

If colourful exterior house paints are not your thing, or you have timeless timber doors and window frames, our wood care products are your best bet. From clear or stained varnish to insulating or waterproofing kits, our extensive variety ensures your personal style is catered for.

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