Whether you’re hiring professional contractors or are building new property yourself, using durable and dependable masonry supplies is a must. As the only part of your home that remains unchanged for decades, the basic structure needs a sturdy and solid start.

Reliable Construction Support

Fortunately, Hardware Warehouse stocks a complete range of products used during the masonry building phase. These include cement, aggregates such as building sand and stone, as well as a wide variety of bricks and blocks, all at competitive prices. So, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for any job at a price to fit your pocket.

In addition, we also stock a comprehensive range of masonry trade tools, including spirit levels, trowels, plastic buckets and wheelbarrows. With these on hand, both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts can build structures that are well-constructed in a clean work environment.

Knowledgeable Tech Assistance

Our friendly in-store sales team can even assist you in selecting the correct brick, block or building equipment for your project. Not only do they know a thing or two about the trade, they understand the products we sell too.

Visit your nearest Hardware Warehouse store today and find the ideal masonry supplies for your construction project.

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