Hardware Warehouse is a building material supplier that is affordable and reliable. With our complete range of building materials, top-quality service and the best advice in the business, we empower you to fix up your home and build with ease.

In the spirit of Ubuntu, we care about our customers and their communities. Therefore, we won’t turn you away without offering you our best products for the job at the lowest possible price and all the help we can.

Building with Bargains

Whether you’re looking for building basics such as cement, bricks, doors or windows, or essential finishes like flooring, tiles, paint or fencing, we’ve got the products you need. Best of all, every product in our stores is available at a competitive price. That’s because our goal is to work together with you, ensuring that you get the most for your money and can complete your renovation or building project.

Constructing with Care

At Hardware Warehouse, we understand that a small home improvement can have a large impact on your quality of life. This is why we stock products and provide advice that helps you finish renovations more efficiently, and with an attractive end result.

With assistance from our knowledgeable staff, your building plans are always in good hands. In fact, if you’re ever unsure about what you need or how to complete a task, just ask one of our friendly in-store sales people.

Contact us today to find out about our latest deals on building materials and related products.
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